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Common Queries

Need to Know

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

Unlike 99% of other trainers and programs, our personal training sessions, workouts, stretches, & nutritional guides are 100% customized to you. Everything prepared is tailored to YOU. We address YOUR needs, goals, & imbalances. This guarantees results.

Do you bring equipment to sessions?

Yes! Equipment that is brought to each client or group session will vary depending on the service and the client's needs.

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

Our nutritional guides and proposals are sold separately from personal training sessions and other services. Plans are carefully constructed with data collection & research.

I see services listed, are they held in person or online via zoom?

Services may be provided in person or zoom. Conclusion will be met once clients and staff are cleared from COVID. Both options are available.

Do you accept Venmo?

Venmo is accepted along with other forms of payment listed at checkout. In order to reserve your session & to provide service, payment is due immediately after booking.

How do I contact you for questions?

Text messages are highly encouraged ! We also take phone calls & emails

Contact info is provided under the contact page within header

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